The company offers you its new services based on more than 30 years’ experience :

Transport and Logistics Consultancy

Assistance with haulage organisation (quality/price)

Organisation and Management Consultancy approved for the Walloon Region


Training approved by various organisms


Telematics applications,
Choice and maintenance of vehicle components,
Professional behaviour,
Economical and preventive driving (theory and practical module),
Transport Contract,
Documents (CMR certificate – accident report),
Handling of merchandise and load secure,
Weights and dimensions of vehicles,
Organisation & Management,
Regulations at the workplace,
Digital tachograph,
Driving time and rest periods (Regulation (EC) 561/2006),
Transport of live animals,
Transport of waste,
Controlled temperature transport.

Member of :

FEBETRA (Belgian Federation of Hauliers and Logistics Service providers)
Bourse aux grains in Liège (commodities exchange for grain)
Transport Safety Award jury

ADR Safety Consultant

Professional international road haulage qualification

QFor certificated


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