Standard “ADR Consultant Contract” offer

Our offer comprises :

1) The production of a “situation report” with a check-up on each vehicle (ideally in the presence of the driver) based on the federal authority (SPF Mobilité et Transports) inspection form.

2) Completion by each driver of a questionnaire to sensitise them to the importance of their tasks and responsibilities (to be filled in immediately (during the check-up on their vehicle) or at least as soon afterwards as possible).

3) Regular visits to check compliance with ADR rules, conformance of vehicles, …

4) Permanent availability in the event of problems related to the ADR regulations (drivers have our contact details, including a GSM number).

5) Visits to the company as necessary or during any federal (SPF Mobilité et Transports) inspection.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you may need.

Note :

Any company that loads, offloads or transports hazardous goods is required to have an ADR safety consultant (in-house or outsourced) !

For more informations, please take contact with the office by phone au 04/345 00 45 or mail